Professional Personal Trainer

Peter Herbert discovered his passion for training over eighteen years ago and made the decision to be the best personal trainer he could be. Since then he has consistently been building and adding to his repertoire of training methods, knowledge of nutrition and even life coaching in order to deliver the highest standard of health and fitness to his clients.

Peter is an innovative trainer, who studies with the best coaches, in order to bring cutting edge training concepts to those that he teaches. His unique training system is about using your body in a functional dynamic way. His clients range from top athletes, footballers, city workers, housewives, young people and those challenged by obesity.

Peter is on a mission to inspire all to fitness, proving with his no-nonsense approach that he can teach anyone how to train effectively and get transformational results. His enthusiasm and passion for health and fitness are contagious, motivating people not only to change their bodies but to change their lives.

Peter’s philosophy is not just about training, but to enjoy your training and to make it a lifestyle choice.



Call:  07956 340750 or email:


83 Martens Avenue,

Kent, DA7 6QS